Fresh Currents Kyoto Journal Photo Shoot October 2012

October 2012

The Kyoto Journal magazine issue Fresh Currents; (Japan`s flow from a nuclear past to a renewable future).  http://www.freshcurrents.orgI was really pleased to contribute a few photos to illustrate informed articles on the status of clean energy vs pollution of Japan by radiation and carbon dioxide.look to pages: 114 & 147 for my photos. This brought me out to
beautiful Arashiyama, to the Hoso river, with Eric Johnston of the Japan Times,on the hottest summer day, to photograph a mini hydropower generator newly installed on the wide river, near the famous Togetsukyo (“moon crossing”)
Bridge.AND… I got a signed lithograph by wonderful artist Brian Williams, of that scraggly  old, I
mean famous tree, the Jomonsugi, in Yakushima island, if you ever get there, and hike 10 hours. That tree is the first thing I see every morning, hanging above my waking cat Jiali.

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