Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Concert Osaka

Aaron Berman, my Kyoto friend, asked me, should he get a ticket to see

the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Concert in Osaka, and I said, if you go I`ll go.
We went, to a large sort of high school event hall, Municipal Central Gymnasium.
Fitting! We were surrounded by Japanese people of all ages, and then a tap on my shoulder, and there was Inagakisan, and his friends, all longtime Beach Boys
fans. So I ran into someone Japanese I knew at a Beach Boys concert in Osaka!
A new experience, and then there was Brian Wilson looking like he just woke up,
and didn`t notice anyone was looking at him, at the keyboards on the stage left
and Mike Love & Al Jardine & Bruce Johnston & David Marks, and several young verily musicians.
Their music woke me up from the first chord, they actually can sing well, still, into their 70`s,
they inspire me and took my thoughts and feelings back to my youth in Niagara Falls.
My friend Terry`s older brother Mick Delaney`s worn Beach Boys collection, which I dubbed to my big Sony open reel stereo tape recorder, my little portable tape recorder as big as a suitcase. Still moved I was by Surfer Girl & Fun Fun Fun & Good Vibrations & Sail On Sailor
and I was moved to get out of my seat way back when the audience was moved to stand up!
I walked up the aisle until I stopped 3 or 4 seats from the stage, where I grooved through most of the concert, loved it, but my hand was on my Canon G11 pocket camera now, and wondered if I could get the courage to take it out and photograph my own shot of Brian, a musician I`d followed all of my life really. I knew he was mentally withdrawn and very troubled and ill since I was a teen, and I always hoped, as Paul McCartney did, that Brian would find his voice again. When he did, I realized that there was still hope for me too, later in my life to become the photographer I always wanted to be… sort of anyway.

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